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Connecting communities with the SDGs, Harnessing people power to help National Governments meet SDGs targets while actively supporting and enhancing the work of United Nations efforts and contribute to the SDGs 2030 Agenda, creating a generation of SDG pioneers capable of finding unconventional solutions to global challenges and will be able to lead our planet to and beyond 2030.  

Mover SDGs gives an opportunity for everyone to contribute towards positive globalization and impact sustainable change in our societies through our vision of insights.

There is no power in our present day greater than social media. It is the way in which people interact. It makes everyone always in contact, and there is that state of constant interaction and that in turn implies the exchange of ideas as well as information.


Join us and instruct yourself, inspire others

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Culture is the link that binds humanity together through our traditions and practices that have been passed down through generations and through our creative expression and imagining the future.

Let us make the influence of culture and arts a contributor to education for sustainable development and beyond 2030, and in enabling good for the world.

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Sport speaks a universal language that everyone understands and has the power to change the world - let athletes have a share in changing the world for the better.

 Sport has always had contributions to development and peace around the world because of its ability to inspire and unite people from diverse backgrounds and create inner hope.

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Knowledge and education are the power to achieve development in general, sustainable development, and education is a natural change in the logic of the individual and his ability to achieve his goals through the process of acquiring knowledge.

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Technology has a great impact on people in today's world. Technology and innovation are always credited with accelerating the pace of development. Innovative technology and technologies have revolutionized the world, and our social structure has always evolved with it and through it.

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This is the sum of all the efforts that will have  been going on for more than a decade - SDGs Ambassadors and members will gather  for the 2030 Humanity Event as defined by the UN.  There will be a pledge of one million SDGs Ambassadors from around the world who have contributed to their communities in projects that serve sustainable development and to prove that individuals and civil society who have contributed with their governments to sustainable development and that a million leaders around the world are ready and able to hold the rudder.


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“It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it."

Doing something good for your communities, in your immediate vicinity or advocating for global social changes.

Mohamed Elmahdy 


I believe in the power and potential of ordinary people; my dream is that each individual on this planet becomes a Global Human. Let us support the Global Goals for Sustainable Development - we are the solution, and we all have a role to play to save ourselves.  Our goal is beyond the 2030 perspective - it must serve as a basis for a global movement that will reach everyone on this planet, hence creating joint human value. 

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