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Arts and culture for sustainable development 


Development has always been people-centered. Culture and arts are the engine for people's participation through creativity, and although the Sustainable Development Goals did not include “Culture nor arts” in the 2030 Agenda as an independent goal in itself and was not officially recognized as one of the pillars for the basic principles of sustainable development, along with the social pillars, economic, and environmental. 
However, culture has been integrated into many goals and penetrated into many different goals. As the preamble to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development states, “We realize that all cultures and civilizations can contribute and be a critical enabler for sustainable development and its formation .....”.

Let us make the influence of culture and arts a contributor to education for sustainable development and beyond 2030, and in enabling good for the world.


Culture is the link that binds humanity together through our traditions and practices that have been passed down through generations and through our creative expression and imagining the future. Throughout history, culture and art have been the first response to the local and global challenges faced by humanity, for the ability of culture and arts to influence social and play an effective role in facilitating the process of social integration with various issues and highlighting them.
Sadly, to date, neither cultural organizations, public figures, nor professionals use the language of "sustainable development" in their work or speeches.

Based on the belief in of our importance and of the pivotal role of  arts and culture in shaping society and its collective consciousness  - we will be communicating with artists and intellectuals from all over the world to join us and be ambassadors and agents of change by highlighting the role of culture and arts by linking them to the language of "sustainable development" and so, use culture and arts as a driver and a factor for empowerment in society. 


Digital technology today and the use of all aspects of creativity and design - we will employ even a minimal part of it to address global issues and integrate sustainable development in the fields of arts and culture to add real value to the world of development for humanity  and make the sustainable development goals a framework for artistic and cultural programs. 

The word ‘culture’, could imply home or cultivation or refinement and in general culture refers to human activity. And, the global human capability to classify, encode and transmit experiences symbolically through social learning in human societies. 

We invite all intellectuals and artists, and those affiliated with the culture and arts sector and anyone with a creative work in (visual arts, literary arts, performing arts, music, theater, dance, spoken word and film and drama, sculpture, photography, digital photography, architecture and art paintings. Fashion, aesthetics, humanities, classic studies, culinary arts, science fiction, electronic games and modern digital media such as video channels, podcasting and other various creations. Communicate with us from anywhere on the planet, whether famous or talented, and show your commitment and commitment to social responsibility and be an ambassador and An agent of change, your artistic and creative works will be published on our platform, and we use the social media tool for sustainable development and other tools that we will use to influence and promote your business.


Be a contributor to creating knowledge-based societies as transformative vehicles for sustainable development and for change as a whole

Let history remember that we have started something worthy of following for future generations and that we have built a sincere nucleus to reach sustainable societal change.

Image by Utopia By Cho
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