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The Humanity Event

This is the sum of the efforts that will have  been going on for more than a decade - SDGs Ambassadors and members will gather  for the 2030 Humanity Event as defined by the UN. 
At the UN headquarters in New York, there will be a pledge of one million SDGs Ambassadors from around the world who have contributed to their communities in projects that serve sustainable development and to prove that individuals and civil society who have contributed with their governments to sustainable development and that a million leaders around the world are ready and able to hold the rudder. 

Waking up to our problems, seeing them, connecting with each other, and learning how to begin dealing with these issues either on a personal level or as a community – that is what sustaining is all about. From here, we will create the global human community. Then, we will spread the awareness either through online means – here at mover-sdgs or as in the old days from one person to another.

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