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Green is life

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Go Green Original Post by Salwa Michel

Go Green – compost is an example

As spring dawns, we wait for the first signs of spring – little green leaves everywhere, on the dry tree branches and spurting from the soil announcing that warmth is here and that for some months the earth will be spurting with life. Signs of life are manifested in the greenery, in the flowers and in the grass.

The warmth spreads through our souls long before it spreads through our bodies. Children would dash outside and start to enjoy the outdoors in the multitude of activities that are only suitable in spring or summer.

And yet, when we need to come up with skyscrapers, make some furniture, or want to clear a piece of land; the first thing we do is cut down some trees. We clear the trees and lose yet another source of some much-needed oxygen. But even then, we don’t stop to plant another tree or make up for the ravaging that we have done.

This is not restricted to just someone or the other, but perhaps we all are partners in the depletion of plants – either directly or indirectly. Put a plant anywhere in the house or outside – a beautiful sight and adding greens.

We cannot stay in the speaking mode too long, but we need to start doing – just some simple steps that each one can do. And, some can even be made in the confines of a home, not necessarily a house with a garden.

Let’s cut carbs – meaning our carbon prints!

Going green is the best!!Do your part. Going green is easy.

Eco friendly is not as deadly!

Don’t ignore the opportunity – the future will surely be brighter and no regrets!!

Change the way you think.

A greener planet is in our hands – just a seedling here or there!

Give green a chance to make an impression.

A green movement is the best way to fight pollution.

Greener footprints will ensure a better path tomorrow.

No raindrop is the reason for a flood – but many drops together.

Be that drop!! Save the greens and live green.

Go Green – RRR means

Reuse, reduce, recycle it is easy if we just give ourselves a few moments to think of it!

Each one can teach one to plant just one seedling.

Be clean – to go green.

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