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Greta Thunberg, one in a line of teenagers — advocates getting things done.

Taking matters into their own hands, teenagers have decided to be the advocates who will get things done to ensure the continuity of #life on Earth. That is simply because they cannot wait any longer. On the other hand, actions taken by those in authority are not as fast as the deterioration happening in all sectors of the #environment.

All over the globe, young people are signaling alarms on climate change and environmental issues through any channels at their disposal.

It is not just a matter of a rising trend or melding into the ambiance as most teens tend to do, but these teens have put their lives on the line to make sure that there is a planet to live on. Making an example and leading others their age or older to follow in their steps as they pave the way for #abetterlife. Sadly, humans are the only creatures who destroy their only living home, whereas, our actions should be faster than the deterioration that is happening or that we are causing.

Standing out among them is Greta Thunberg, a teen with Asperger’s syndrome that is at the top of the list of teenage activists, and standing out is the fact that she has not let it deter her actions. In fact, she has made her voice to reach over the voice of persons in authority, had directed her words at them, and has been a living example of doing what she believes in.

Let’s see some of her efforts:


· She does not fly in an airplane due to #carbon emissions but goes by sea.

· Greta began climate strikes in 2018, inspiring thousands of other students to step out of class and mandate action for the #climate crisis.

· She faces rulers and is presently appointed as an expert on the #coronavirus panel.

The issues are fast getting out of hand:

· Rising global temperatures & an increased risk of severe drought “non-linear.”

· There is a huge risk of hitting an irreversible tipping point.

· Scientific models underestimate risk.

· #COVID-19 is an indicator.

Greta is not alone, #Allison Boyer, #Annabel Caren Clark, #Delaney Anne Reynolds, #Jackson Hinkle, #Hannah Herbst, #Celeste Tinajero, #Kelsey Cascadia Rose Juliana — the list is long, all are young teens or started the journey early in their teens — each one will be discussed in later posts.

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