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Is social distancing the solution to the COVID-19 dilemma?

Updated: May 10, 2020

Social distancing Original post by Salwa Michel

Social distancing is creating a lot of controversy as to its effectiveness towards solving the dilemma of the epidemic that has hit earth recently – the COVID-19.

A lot of people are not only wondering but doubting their effectiveness to the extent that they are taking the back road response. Or shall we say the roundabout way of merely ignoring instructions to keep their distances – gathering in cars, or at home, with friends and relatives who seem quite healthy to the naked eye?

Taking wisdom from others who have been through a similar problem – in the near or far past – is the best way to deal with an issue of such magnitude.

· Presently, China did not take social distances early on. As a result, it went from a localized state to a pandemic of enormous proportions.

· The US did not take action quickly enough, and as such, it has the highest one-day death toll and one-third of total infections from the coronavirus the world over.

· Historically speaking, data from the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918-19 shows a daunting 50% decrease in the death rate – that was recorded in the cities that used social distancing. Forbes

Among the measures taken for social distancing were the following:

· Banning of mass gatherings.

· Closing schools and prayer houses.

· Mandatory disinfection, as well as strict hygiene procedures.

· Keeping a safe distance from the nearest person.

These measures worked for the Spanish flu that was much more deadly than the COVID-19. It is a natural conclusion that in a world with much more advanced communication, scientific knowledge, and hygienic procedures, alongside the fact that viral control is basically the same. These measures will hopefully help limit the spread and eventual stop of the epidemic that the world is facing today.

Social distancing is relatively easy to implement, each person is his own guide, but the results are garnered by a whole community and country.

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