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Like a bird without wings…

Updated: Sep 7

How can a bird fly without wings?

It would be a recipe for death if a bird had no wings or if its wings got broken. Eventually, it dies because it cannot fly to find its food and its shelter.

On this Day in History, children's day, a child without education is like a bird without wings. Most cultures and countries now make sure that their children are educated, even in the world's poorest areas. For those who find reaching for education is challenging, others create awareness. Sending a child to school and making sure he follows the guidelines of his teacher are essential for him to have an education. Parents relay the message to the children that he has to have an education and a good education. Even those parents who have not been educated themselves make sure to relay that to their children.

They have been through life without education, and they know the value of what they had missed.

The message here is for those who do not ensure that they should have an education and, more importantly, for those who prevent their daughters from having an education.

Then she's asked to be a mother and educate her children - how can she do that if she herself is not educated and lives just at the edge of life?

Without education, we cut off her arms and legs and demand the impossible of her; she lives her life above the poverty line and above accepting the harsher and uglier side of life.


She finds she is asking herself that again and again…

She needs to be armed with education, and not just any education, but a good education that will ensure she has the capability to live a life where she can stand in front of her own mirror and say, “I live a decent life.”

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