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Message in a bottle

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Message in a bottle, a film that we have all seen and love, and as we go beyond the romantic touch or story of the film, we will see another point of view or angle to the bottle that holds the message inside it for years.

The bottles have taken on a new form, the way we see them today, and though those are light and might not travel from shore to shore and hold the message inside, but they hold another message that humanity has been ignoring for decades. Yes, they may be light and easy to carry. Easy to manufacture from materials that are likewise easy to find and are cheap.

Is their durability our downfall?

And do we realize that the sea, Earth, and every place that has plastic buried, floating, or clogging is giving us a clear message in its own way – what you place in me is bound to come back to you. That is not about a romantic message but is about what comes back to us years later, and sadly, it does not just come as it had been thrown; it comes back inside fishes, killing some and suffocating even the largest fishes. We see it hanging on trees, sticking to fences, and carried by another wise blissful wisp of a wind that had come to freshen the air. Up it goes with the wind, and there are no bounds to how far this can float or where it would end up.

And yet, is the message only about that?

Humans have a trait – once they discover something or create a new innovation, they are quick to find all the advantageous uses that it could be put to? Of course, its side effects – on humans – are also explored.

Is that enough?

  • What about the long-term effects?

  • Where does it go after we use it?

  • What is its effect on the sharers? For we do share Earth with others…

Questions that we need to ask, to find out, and to put ahead of any new product or technology. And that is not just its effect on humans but on Earth, environment, living things, air….

That is the essence of sustainability in its core meaning, the continuity

To sustain - does not imply saving electricity, or water or reuse, recycle.

Sustainability is a term of Latin origin called “sustinere” and means “preservation, resilience, follow-up,” and implies, in short, the continuance of something and its endurance. This, in turn, depends on the conservation of the natural world and the responsible use of natural resources.

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