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To have – To Hold – that is To Sustain

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

To have – To Hold – that is To Sustain

To Have – here, we need to discover what the resources that we have at our disposal are. This might seem strange because anybody will think – we know exactly what we have. No, not everyone is really aware of what our resources are – in each country, environment, climate, or a particular area. We just go about our life in a semi-routine way – work, kids, shopping, and whatever else comes our way. We need to stop and think about what it is that we really have – each in his own country or area – natural resources, human resources, and living conditions – everything that is connected with an individual’s life even though it might not be mine.

To Hold – this is the more difficult of the issues as once we have identified what it is we have, we might find that it is not in our capabilities or to hold on to it. Depletion is so natural, and it happens without our complete awareness. Like the amount of freshwater that is wasted daily, the trees being torn down for furniture (causing desertification and increased heat). The results are saddening to say the least - poverty, drought, heat, death due to hunger and thirst. To hold on to our resources is the first step before we can start mending.

To sustain – as we hold and know what we have, we will find that sustaining is an automatic process and, if that seems too farfetched, just think of a sandwich that you decided to eat slowly because you are really not that hungry. It will keep for your next meal, and, from there you will have saved on money for the next meal or made sure that you did not throw away any food. Basically, that is what sustain is all about. This is not an individual phase but goes hand in hand with the other two aspects. As awareness increases, we will be able to sustain the resources that we have, and then, we hold.

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