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Too much light!

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

City Nights
Night sky - as it has become

Is there something called too much lighting? Lights are beautiful but deadly.

This issue is becoming a problem and a considerable concern in our lives today. It has grown to an extent where it is termed — Light Pollution. Artificial light that illuminates more than its target a — has grown to be a problem of concern over the past 15 years. The dark of night is threatened, and it is vital for it is a time for rest, rejuvenation and, nocturnal creatures should not be forgotten.

The area surrounding large cities face problems that we need to notice:

· It is almost impossible to see the stars.

· The rhythms of microorganisms and macro organisms are adversely affected.

· Glaring lights don’t light the way, but the over brightness could temporarily blind drivers causing accidents.

· We are losing the blessing of darkness due to the loss of night as it is flooded with artificial light — lights do not just light an intended area, there is too much of it.

· Sleep is no longer as deep as it should be –harsh light trespass into unwanted places like bedrooms.

· Wildlife is threatened as they go farther and farther away. It is an ingrained instinct to place distance between themselves and humans — which takes them into territories where they are unable to deal with the living conditions.

· Birds in the sky are confused by the lighting in skyscrapers causing them to collide and hit those high buildings we are so proud of.

· More power to supply all these light means that in turn, there is more fuel needed — and the use of fossil fuels provides that. So, we get more air pollution.

· It costs billions of dollars more to provide all these lights.

· Too much artificial light is affecting our health since we need natural lighting as the best source for vitamin D — an essential for the absorption of calcium into our bodies.

· Animals like new baby turtles should move towards the shimmer of the ocean; instead, they head towards beach lights — they are jeopardized.

· Migrating birds are confused and get killed.

There is a mistaken concept that the more light, the more we will be safe and secure — an effort at reducing the crime rate. Sadly, that is not the case as crimes occur even more in broad daylight. And, there is no relation between a reduction in crime and increased lighting.

Measures are taken, just small steps at the moment!

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