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World Mental Health Day

The cycle of Bullying and Mental Health Issues

As the world commemorates World Mental Health Day in a move to create awareness and acknowledge both the acceptance of mental health issues as well as those who suffer from it. This is World Mental Health Day's objective by many bodies of authority, of which WHO is just one.

With two types of mental health problems coming to mind — clinical and psychological — the first being diagnosed and in need of medications while the second could be addressed by a doctor, therapist, or perhaps both — mostly have the same root causes, the severity varies which ill clarify whether it is clinical or otherwise.

Mental health issues are on the rise, and most of the cases are not a hereditary problem. Or we would not have had much to do in that case, nor would it have been an issue that needs to be addressed as a global concern or even the need to create awareness and acceptance of those who are but the results of a cycle that could be ended.

Can It Be Ended Or At Least Diminished?

That is what awareness about mental health is about.

It is an unending cycle where a bullied child will be more likely to develop mental health issues as a direct result of bullying or abuse. From the other end, young people with mental health issues will be more susceptible to bullying, which will increase their psychological problems. That applies not just to children but also to young people, and women — to everyone and everything! There are abused animals.


Yes, that is what the movement is all about, break the cycle, from one end or the other - for a healthier life and a generation that can live in better harmony. It will not stop completely, but as awareness is created, perhaps bullying and abuse will gradually decrease.

It is not about hoping, but doing!

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