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Image by Carl Heyerdahl

Social Media

Social media creates a tiny village out of global-wide connections 

Social media makes everyone always in contact, and there is that state of constant interaction and that in turn implies the exchange of ideas as well as information. Join us and instruct yourself, inspire others, and help us achieve a sustainable development that goes beyond 2030 and, change the social state of the world.



Do not be that person who silently monitors on social media - make for your voice a place in this world and let it be a factor for empowering good and spreading sustainable development.

Image by Adem AY
  • Raising awareness of sustainable development on social media, since uncovering the problem is the first step to harnessing people’s power. You can use the hashtag  #Beyond2030 #MoverSDGs 

  • A collective pledge and then enhancing knowledge and sharing people's ability to change

The Integral Role of Social Media 

  • Make a weekly or monthly post on your social media about sustainable development 

  • Using  peoples’ power to get celebrities on communication platforms to participate in this momentum and influence for sustainable development and the general good.

  • Use power people to make big companies that own social networking (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube etc ...) to promote greater importance for sustainable development and past 2030 by pinning posts for the users of these social networks,  urging this and linking that to the United Nations. In this way, as happens with Covid 19, it fuels public opinion, link societies to the sustainable development goals, and become agents to enable good and peace. 

Behavior change to enhance our social influence and connect our lives to real-world problems

Hence, this helps create a change in the social pattern that we are used to and the establishment of new social systems - each of us as individuals realize deep within ourselves our ability to shape the world in which we live.


Let us use our power as individuals on social media to spread the knowledge of sustainable development and urge people to act for it.

 It is time to use this powerful tool to as an effort to raise awareness and motivate goodness to a large number of people, let us convey the hope that unites the world for the common good.

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