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Constructive Social Change


The Sustainable Development engine is a resource and a communication tool on the Internet and serves as an achievable community-building project, whose success depends on the full participation of the society and, on the participation and mobilization of societies. It focuses on the individual’s role in achieving sustainable development and creating a state of knowledge momentum to achieve global citizenship and sustainability for all.

An opportunity for everyone to contribute towards positive globalization and impact sustainable change in our societies and the world and make everyone agents of change and entrepreneurs in order to lead the world past 2030. To achieve this rapidly, we will use some of the most influential visions today and use these tools as sustainable platforms for a radical  societal change - 

Keyboard and Mouse
  • Social media for Sustainable Development - take a tour

  • Arts and culture for Sustainable Development - take a tour

  • Sports for Sustainable Development - take a tour

  • Education for Sustainable Development - take a tour

  • Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development  - take a tour

Join our global community and choose a tool for a change that you can implement.

Social media

Arts and culture



Technology & innovation

The consistent tools will be linked together to achieve the ultimate goal and that is - 10 million ambassadors and agents of change from all over the world and from varying fields and disciplines, who will be committed to sustainable development goals and who have contributed to their societies and proved our willingness as individuals, to lead the world and establish the idea of ​​global citizenship.

Be one of the agents of change for this world - for the better. Let us make history and remember that our time is a time of sincere determination to reach global citizenship and sustainability and in the acceleration of the struggle for justice, peace and the joyful celebration of life on this planet. 

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