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A ction 

C hanges

T hings 

We see the deterioration, and it is time to do something about it. These are just some of what we see:

  • Consumption is escalating with exponential speed, and as we consume more, we are also diminishing the quality not just of what we consume, but the earth and its resources are deteriorating.

  • The climate is changing and not for the better, and that is basically due to the increased carbon emissions.

  • As carbon emissions increase, so the temperature levels are rising with a percentage that is leaving devastation in its trail.

  • Parts of the earth that were always frozen are melting with the rise in temperature, and with that, we have a rising in sea level – parts or land are disappearing into the sea.

  • Climatic catastrophes - storms, floods, and tornados are a regular happening causing death and devastation – all causes of the changes that are happening.

  • Life forms that depended on beneath-freezing temperatures are going extinct, and to some people that might seem trivial, but it causes a disturbance in the cycle of life.

  • Biodiversity loss - among the most prominent is coral bleaching – as a result of rising temperatures, oceans absorb the heat and cause mass death of coral reefs. Dismantled legal safeguards,

  • The build-up of all types of trash and the worst is plastic since it is not biodegradable thereby destroying animal and marine life.

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