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Once we eradicate borders, creating a Global Community that reaches beyond borders, differences, races, and any other issues that could cause divisions. Then, we have what can be termed the Global Human – a culture that targets goals, meanings, and humanity issues that not only concern each individual, his community but as that influence increases then, the concerns begin to focus on Global issues that tie all humanity together.

With just one globe that binds us all, it becomes a necessity to join hands and deal with the problems that can only be said has come to be because of human behavior and shortness of sight where environment and human issues are involved. The true meaning of humanity being when we join hands and start to correct some of the Sustainable goals that are becoming of increased concern for  continued and acceptable living conditions.

The Global Human -  a society that will be initiated or continued through this platform mover-sdgs as we do our part and spread the word. And, will have this community growing in number and in the effects it creates on a daily basis for the good of mankind.

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The Global Human

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