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At that moment when we become global people in our way of thinking, that is when barriers between us will be eliminated and there will be no place for the ideologies or the affiliations that we created and fought one another in their defense. With that, will end a great deal of our differences and conflicts, and our energy as human beings will automatically be directed towards the creation of a joint human value – and that is the way to create a truly sustainable development.

Mohamed Elmahdy


  • Through, I am creating a platform where people of all ages and races meet and join efforts towards achieving SDGs, creating a community armed with awareness, knowledge, and skills that will be initiated especially with youth – the hope for the future. This community will, in turn, act as advocates to spread that awareness.

  • SDGs are not just some goals that are to be achieved by a specific date, but it is more an awareness of what are the responsibilities that lie on our shoulders regarding the 17 SDG goals. To that end, this platform is a neutral ground where present advocates, want-to-be advocates, youth, and anyone from all around the Globe will meet and share, move forward, aid others to join us, until we have created a group of people who have the skills, awareness, motivation, and social responsibility.

  • From there we will have what we call People Power – The power of joined hands and efforts all combined to achieve SDGs not just for 2030, but what is more important is that we move beyond that with the tools we have gathered together over these coming years.

  • Mover SDGs - advocates the use of the most potent tool - people power - to communicate the SDGs and inspire global people to act towards a more sustainable future. 

  • A walk through Mover SDGs - - with the support of prominent figures and celebrities, we will spread the word, and the awareness needed. Then, as we start to grow in number, we will meet on this platform as active members and through social media, arts and culture, sports, and education, technology, and education, among others  - create people power, that will help in creating one of the most essential tools – The Global Human.

عن الاستدامة و أهداف التنمية المستدامة والفرق بينهما رقم 1 مع محمد المهدي الاستدامة مفاهيم ونهج شامل
Mohamed Elmahdy - محمد المهدي

عن الاستدامة و أهداف التنمية المستدامة والفرق بينهما رقم 1 مع محمد المهدي الاستدامة مفاهيم ونهج شامل

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