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Plastic Free - can it be done?

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Plastic free – can it be done? what a relief that would be!

Plastic free could sound like you are talking no sense, for how are we supposed to go on without plastic when we are using it for just about everything in our lives.

· Bags for our sandwiches – and they pile up in the trash.

· Shopping bag, and wow all colors then when we get back home we know not what to do with them!

· Cups, plates, forks, spoons – and why not they are easy because I do not have to wash – into the trash!

· Water bottles everywhere – easy and disposable – I just throw them out after I finish the water.

· I am in the supermarket, every item I buy is place in a separate bag and of course they are all plastic!

· In fact, we have clothes made out of plastic and if that sounds strange then, what is polyester?

Yes, we are aware of the recycling benefits and how to reuse our resources, but if we think about it isn’t it a lot easier if we decrease our trash in the first place instead of piling it up and then wondering what to do about it afterwards.

In fact, only a fraction of what we put in the trash is actually recycled.

Can it be done?

· Every time I reach for a plastic bag, I need to ask myself if I can do without it, if I could put my sandwiches in a reusable box.

· Can I put several item all together in one bag?

· What about my dishes, my forks, I could use those and wash them afterwards and also teach my children the importance of washing the dreaded dishes!

· I could take a reusable water bottle along with me!

Some countries are already beginning to apply the idea on huge scales, and they are leading us as they prove that it can be done and then, we will have a plastic free world!

Together we can do it – but just one person or country here or there – that is not going to work.

Together we can begin to sustain what we have left and improve as we go along.

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